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In the past 9 years (the time I’ve been married), my two favorite Advents were when I was pregnant (with my girls). Being pregnant really helped to drive home the lesson about expectant & hopeful waiting in anticipation because I was doing that. It was easy to take the physical preparation I was doing for my baby’s arrival & transfer it to seeing the need for spiritual preparation. Advent just made sense.

My second favorite Advents were 2006 & 2010 because my boys had just been born. As I was cuddling them & caring for them it was easy to imagine Mary caring for baby Jesus. The song “Mary did you know?” Often came to mind as I kissed my babies. I felt like I was kissing God & she really was. The excitement at the birth of Christ & hope & dreams for the future that he would influence were palpable was easy because its spiritual reality was mirrored by my physical reality.

Unfortunately this Advent I don’t have a newborn & I’m not pregnant. The Christmas story is not being re-enacted in my life. Yet I hope it’s reality will still hit home for me this year. I hope that this Advent will still teach me spiritual truths & I won’t get caught up in commercialism.

What are you doing this Advent as a meditation or source of prayer?
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